Cognitive Surplus / by Mara Zepeda

I had a great time speaking at Refresh Portland the other night. I made new friends (and promptly asked them for favors, as I do).  For the first time, my calligraphy world (thanks, Tara and Linnea!) collided with my tech world. And I finally had the chance to start exploring out loud (for better or worse) some of the ideas I've been chewing on about asking, offering, and the nature of gift economies. 

I recently revisited Clay Shirky's book (and TED talkCognitive Surplus. It isn't as well known as Here Comes Everybody but to me, the message resonates more. Here, from his TED talk:

"Free cultures get what they celebrate. We've got a choice before us. We've got this trillion hours a year. We can use it to crack each other up, and we're going to do that. That, we get for free. But we can also celebrate and support and reward the people trying to use cognitive surplus to create civic value. And to the degree we're going to do that, we'll be able to change society."